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What has happened for this 1 year? vol.1 MITOU project

Hi, long time no see. This is Nyanyan.

I will tell you what has happened to us for this 1 year.


We were chosen as “MITOU” creators

This is a very big thing to us.

*Articles in these URLs are often only in Japanese.

↑How we have chosen

↓What we have done

The name of our project adopted is “Developing a System that Makes People Easy to Design Humanoid Robots’ Motions.”

We started this project in June, 2018 and finished in March, 2019.

What’s MITOU?

MITOU is :

“MITOU Project” aims for finding and cultivating talented people, who can innovate on information technology, and has ideas for that and ability to use technologies. (from

Our achievement report (in Japanese):

Until the day before, we had school excursion, so we could not practice enough…

Our Achievement (in Japanese):


We were chosen as MITOU Super Creators!!

We, Nyanyan and coord.e were chosen as MITOU Super Creators!!!

What’s MITOU Super Creator? (in Japanese):

MITOU Creators who made a good contribution are chosen as it.


What did we did through MITOU?

I will tell you in another aarticle.


Thank you for Reading! Bye!

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