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New Robot: YamaX 5.0!

Hey, this is Nyanyan, long time no see!

I was so busy with making YamaX 5.0 and solving rubik’s cube fast…


What’s YamaX 5.0?

Show you YamaX 5.0, comparing with YamaX 4.2(, YamaX 4.0 with little change).


YamaX 4.2(Former) YamaX 5.0(Latest)
Height about 350mm about 300mm
Weight about 1500g about 1000g
Number of Servos 19 19
Servo KRS786ICS(KONDO)・MG90S(TowerPro) Micro2BBMG(GWS)
Material Aluminum(A5052), MDF board, etc Aluminum(A5052), MDF board, etc
Control Unit Raspberry Pi Zero W(micro controller)
PCA9685(servo driver)
ATMEGA328P(micro controller)
PCA9685(servo driver)
(We will use Raspberry Pi Zero)

Close looks below.



Latest robot, YamaX 5.0 is a little smaller than former one, because the servo(micro2BBMG) is smaller than ones we used before.

Left: YamaX 4.2  Right: YamaX 5.0

Number of Servos

We used 19 servos, nothing have changed.



This time, We used Micro2BBMG, that we first use, and they are used all joints.

Comparing all servos that we used with data and impressions below.

Data are not the exact.

Comparing Servos

SG90 MG996R MG90S KRS786ICS Micro2BBMG
robots in which they are used YamaX 1.0(all joints) YamaX 2.0-3.2(leg) YamaX 2.0-4.0(arm&head) YamaX 4.0(leg) YamaX 5.0(all joints)
Company TowerPro TowerPro TowerPro KONDO GWS
Torque 1.8kgf・cm 9.4kgf・cm(4.8V)
1.8kgf・cm(4.8V) Unknown(more than 5kgf・cm?) 5.4kgf・cm(4.8V)
Speed 0.1sec/60degrees 0.19sec/60deg(4.8V)
Unknown(faster than 0.1sec/deg?) 0.17sec/60deg(4.8V)
Voltage(FYI) 4.8-5.0V 4.8-6.6V 4.8-6.0V Unknown(we used 5.0V) 4.8-6.0V
Size(FYI) 22.2×11.8×31.0mm 40.7×19.7×42.9mm 22.8×12.2×28.5mm 40.5×20.0x40.5mm(measured length) 28.0×14.0x29.8mm
Weight(FYI) 9g 55g 13g 43g(measured weight) 28g
Price(FYI) $4 $10 $8.5 Unknown $15
Impression Small. Light. Cheap. Nylon Gears. Breakable. Big. Heavy. Cheaper than others. High Torque. Metal Gears.
When used long time, the deterioration of gears and cases brings looseness.
Small. Light. Metal Gear. Fast.
Breakable when used in 7V or higher.
Big. Light. Expensive(maybe). So-so Torque. Nylon Gears.
Good precision of gears and cases brings little looseness. Can be used long time.
Used in KHR1, a humanoid robot kit. This is too old to find any data.
Small. Light. Metal Gear. Expensive. Little looseness. High damping torque.
Bad angle precision, maybe because of the bad sensor.

Recapping YamaXes

Servo we used this time, Micro2BBMG, is very bad at degrees control. So I made the program that can do calibration. However, I think substituting degrees sensor is the best.



Nothing changed!

Now, we are thinking to make YamaX 6.0, which is made with a 3D printer.


Control Unit

Nothing special, but we will use Raspberry Pi Zero to be able to use YamaX 5.0 for DeepL2.


Maker Faire

It’s not the main topic. Later. Maybe coord.e will tell you more, but I am telling you now.

We will exhibit our robots at Maker Faire Tokyo2018World Maker Faire New York 2018 !

This year, we will go not only Tokyo, but also NY!




See you!

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