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Progress of DeepL2 and Many News!

It’s Nyanyan, sorry not to have written this blog so long.

Today, I will talk about what happened in Y-modify nowadays and how we will operate Y-modify in the future.

Future of Y-modify -how we operate it-

Yeah, anyway this is the most important thing to write I think.

There had been only our school students on Y-modify.

We all came to an agreement to be affirmative to invite people as a member of Y-modify who are not our school student.

Also, Y-modify will change its style of activities from ‘just gathered makers’ to ‘makers community & forum’.

I have some excellent friends and we thought that we would like them to join us, then we came to this change.

We talked that it is difficult to make hardware with my friends living in a bit far place, and it was the beginning of the idea of forum and community.

Anyway, I’ll write another post as soon as we decided the other thing.

Registered for ‘MITOU’ project

We registered for ‘mitou’ project with the title of DeepL2(a research of YamaX).

‘mitou’ is a project driven by IPA(a kind of Japanese Institution) and Its website says it produced many excellent young creators. I think so too.

When we pass this selection, we’ll get a lot of money for research and above all project manager will take care of our research together. I felt this is great chance so I registered for it.

DeepL2 needs money somehow, and it is not going actually. However, there is a progress for certain.

We’re working hard to overcome this by contacting a research lab. Stay tuned!

Gave up to take part in ‘Micro Robocon’

I’m so sorry! We were so busy in DeepL2 and we couldn’t continue a development for micro robocon, so we gave it up.

Progress of DeepL2

Today, We did a research presentation about DeepL2 in Kyoto University.

We progressed so much yesterday night! I have a lot of things I wanna write, but coord.e will write about them tomorrow.

Summary: We performed a reinforcement learning for overnight.


Thank you for reading, from Shinkansen, bullet train!

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