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We’ll take part in “Micro Robocon”

Hello! It’s coord.e.

Y-modify will take part in a festival name “Micro Robocon” in addition to Maker Faire and GUGEN.マイクロロボコン

The festival, which is held by nippon institute of technology, is a competition for the speed of line-tracing of 1 inch square robots.

It’ll be held at 23 December.

How will we make deal with it

Do you remember about YMZT?

A long long time ago, we made YMZT which is line-tracing robot for RobocupJunior.

Both of them are for line-tracing, so we named new robot as “YMZTμ”(Yamamizyuta micro).

We already have made the prototype.


It has three layers.

It clearly bigger than 1 inch square. (I’ll make it smaller to make PCB version)


So, It is named YMZT, but the hardware is fully different from previous one.

Using PIC32MX270F256B as a processor. (PIC microcontroller with 32bit, 50Mhz, RAM64k, ROM256k) Also it has 6 photo reflector.

there is sensor board with 6 photo reflector on the center bottom of the photo above


It also works with Li-po battery,

OLED Display(128×64, 0.96inch) is also embedded.

it is shown below how the OLED looks when it is working.


I wrote the driver software of the driver ic of this OLED. Then I ported well-known Arduino library Adafruit_GFX  to PIC32 so than we can draw on OLED easily.


Now, this is Nyanyan.

I’ll write the points about hardware.

this robot is only 1 inch, so I could not contrive it much, but , I did!

I used about 20mm x 10mm “mini motor” while most people use about 15mm x 5mm “micro motor” because I wanted more torque and more speed.

And I made tires myself; I cut 12mm wood sick and made a hole on its center, then I put sliced silicon hose around it.



We can’t show the progress before the competition, but we’ll keep sharing the knowledges grown by making YMZTu.

Well, Don’t miss it! Thanks!

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