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Finished Maker Faire Tokyo 2017!! Thank you very much!!

I’m coord.e.

MFT2017 had finished tomorrow.

Thank you for coming and seeing us.

I’ll show the photos of MFT2017 below.

We were in Education&Kids area.
This is how out booth looks like.

YamaX 4.0 demonstrated walking, sitting, and other movings. 3.2 demonstrated talking using voice recognition.

we showed 4.0’s moving movie, 3.0’s soran dance and our website using 2 display and one tablet pc

Also we displayed our development note, broken board, and schematics.

YamaX was stored forcibly as usual… ↓

In addition, there was a balloon of Make:’s character, but it was bursted by makers.



We perpared 200 flyers and we served 150 of it. Thank you for receiving.


Now, this is Nyanyan writing.

I saw it on Makers’ Manual that during showing, sitting is not good because people would not talk to us. So I kept standing and talking with people, but it made my leg hurt… I could not walk after I came home.

But, for this reason, maybe, a lot of people talked to us, and we were able to get some questions and advices. I were very excited!!

Everything was interesting, but I was happiest during this:

A foreigner, who was not able to speak Japanese, maybe, came to our booth, and we talked with him in English. He asked some questions, then I answered. Finally, I gave him a paper about us, and said, “We write our website also in English.” Then he said, “I have visited your site.”

I thought it was really good to write our website in both Japanese and English.

In fact, we started to write in English when I heard that a foreigner had known us (maybe visited our website only in Japanese) when I went abroad.


And, a Japanese gradate student, who wanted to make a robot, came to talk to us, so we will support him!!

We may make a site, in which people can ask us question and we  answer, and write a blog which includes some points and advices in making a humanoid robots.

If you have some ideas about what we do is useful, then tell us!


And, we will update our YamaX in the future!

Thank you for reading!


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