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Minecraft note1 Summon command on Mcver:1.12

When I tried summoning Zombie with leather armor on Mc1.12.1,
I made this code:
/summon Minecraft:Zombie ~ ~ ~ {ArmorItems:[{id:leather_helmet},{id:leather_chestplate},{id:leather_leggings},{id:leather_boots}]}
And… Go
I certainly made code to summon Zombie with leather armors, but the spawned zombie was NORMAL ZOMBIE!!
I searched and searched the internet,only to find nothing related to this.
I went to the official forum, but no good info was there.
When I was closer to give up..
I found this website
It can make summon command for Mc1.12,
So I used it.
After few choosing…
I got this code.
/summon zombie ~ ~1 ~ {ArmorItems:[{Count:1,id:leather_boots},{Count:1,id:leather_leggings},{Count:1,id:leather_chestplate},{Count:1,id:leather_helmet}]}
When I used it…
The leather-armored Zombie was spawned!
“Count:” Key seems to have been THE KEY!
(Actually, I couldn’t get any info about that key. Please tell me if you know about that.)
Finally,Although there’re few questions yet, but
I could “Spawn Zombie with leather-armor”!!
If anyone want to try that pages, please do it but you should take responsibility for that.

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