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Start mincraft note!

Hello,it’s cj.bc_sd.
I’ve not appeared so long time,but now!
I come back with 2 thing to say.
I’m going to start mincraft blog here!
don’t say i’m loafing..
Then, the topic I’ll write are..
I’m learning them now, so I’ll write about what I notice, what confuse menthe difficult point&topic,etc.
I aim to make some Custom maps,etc.
I’m afraid but I may well update this blog irregular because I’m not used to write blog.
Plz wait for me if you want 😉
I’ll change my name to “cj.bc_sd”.
It because my game-account name is standardized on “BC_SD”, and I thought it’s easier to know who it is when I add “BC_SD” to my name.
It’s too long to say, so I might well be called “cj” as I was.
That’s it.
Thanks for reading
Best regards

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