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Renewal & New project & HTTPS!

The thing which looks like s fish is a character named “Sacanan”

Hello. It’s coord.e!

I’m sorry I kept you waiting so long.

Cerebrating 10000 views…Our webpage has renewaled!


I just renewed our webpage.

  • Supported both Japanese and English
  • I used ‘bourbon’, not ‘bootstrap’
  • Supported mobile devices
  • I followed mindBEMding to name classes of css, so the css seems to be alive for a long.
  • I used git to manage versions. I uploaded on github.
  • developed with gulp, ES6, and sass(Maybe gulp is a bit old way)

That’s it. Let’s access.

You can see sources on Github

I want to add a lot of another contents, so I’ll keep updating.

New project

I wrote on our webpage, I started new project!

I started this because I wanted to use my favorite distro on Intel Edison. Intel Edison has Yocto(official), Debian(ubilinux), CentOS for usable OS. (I didn’t think that there is such a many)

Then I made Debian, CentOS, and Fedora images, and published. I want to add archlinux and gentoo but I failed. I’ll keep trying.

Also, without official image, there is no source to build the image. So I’m planning to make script to build these distros from official build and publish it.

By the way, I made Ozone OS’s website with bootstrap. I’ve tired with bourbon

developed with webpack. The source of website is: Here


OMG, It’ll be safe…

No one needed, but I’ll support SSL in our blog and webpage. (whole Shortly saying, our webpages will be ‘https’.

It’ll be safer than previous. That’s all.

Also if website is https, Google may evaluate our webpages better.

Unless something bad happens, This work will be done in this week.

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