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Making DSP radio easily with M6951


It’s coord.e. I’m sleepy.

I’m sorry but please wait more for renewal. I’m working hardly for it.

I made a radio easily with aitendo’s M6951 Radio module and Arduino.

This blue one

It’s I2C-controlled 700 yen module using DSP6951 Chinese IC.

DSP is an abbreviation for Digital Signal Processor. It’s IC which processes digitally what was done in analog circuit like tuning of radio.

It is easy to use with microcontroler because it is digital.



Resistors are all 10kΩ.

Please connect SCL, SDA, GND, and 5v with Arduino.

AM isn’t usable, but I put that for future.


According to datasheet, the rated voltage is 3.3v.

However in my environment, it didn’t work with 3.3v.

So I powers it with 5v and it worked successfully. (Also maximun voltage is 5.8v, so it is OK for the moment)


Install the library below which I uploaded to github.


I made this! (However AM isn’t supported yet)。

Please write sketch like this:

As you see, use

to set channel.

to set volume. (range is 0-100)

CNR is an abbreviation for Carrier to noise ratio. The higher the value is, The clearer you can listen.

RSSI is an abbreviation for Received Signal Strength Indication.

You can know whether it is tuned or not with isTuned() function.

For further details of libraries, please see README.

It’s awesome because it can be fully controlled with I2C!

We can make modern radio with this…!

Thank you for reading!


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