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10000 Views! Thank you for all!

Perfect timing.

Hello. It’s coord.e.

We archived 10000 views!

I deeply impressed. It has passed about 2 years since we gathered. As the counter of blog increases, I come to happy and the will to work increases.

Thank you very much for your support for us, Y-modify!

We have a big renewal in commemoration of 10000 views. Look forward to it.


This is Nyanyan.

YamaX in the future

I have been too busy to do something about YamaX since the winter vacation…

So, from April, I will be a high school student, I will make an innovation in YamaX hardware!(Maybe only I think this)

If possible(if I have enough money), I will change all servos and all frames of YamaX.

The servos are not good now because I used them too much, such as Soran-Bushi dance…

I wanna make the new YamaX because if we make coord.e’s dream that we make YamaX move in the way we do machine learning come true, we need high accuracy hardware.

I will do my best!


Thank you for reading!


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