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The next PCB was arrived, but…

Hello. It’s coord.e.

At first, Happy New Year!

I’ll try to write a lot of posts not to let many drafts pile up this year. By the way this post is also one of the posts which was piled up.

Now, let’s get down to the main topic.

As you can see on the movies or previous posts, the new board of YamaX ware arrived!

It ware arrived in last autumn. I’m sorry for late to write about it.

Looks of the boards


It looks like ham, isn’t it!?

img_1073 img_1070 img_1086

Yeah that’s what I expected. White board is so cool!

As usual, I made a mysterious object.


So, I have reasons why I wrote “but” in the title.

I made it…

As you can see on the movies or previous posts, I made another board with universal board because it arrived so late!


The functions is almost same with that white board. YamaX 3.2 was completed with this board. It may works more stable than the white board.

Soldering is too hard

Most of parts on the white board is surface mount components. The connector of Edison is extremely minute.

Nyanyan soldered this with his all power:

It seems extremely difficult. (There is only three connectors, so the chances is only three times!)

And the result is:

That’s great. I think he is super.


It looks like the image below.

I could communicate via SSH, so it can be powered.

DP & DM pin (for send and receive) of USB for the console is short circuited. It couldn’t be communicated, so I wired them rightly forcibly.

I’ll try to test all function as soon as possible.


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