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Ordered next PCB!

curiously elaborated

Hello. It’s coord.e.

I’m sorry for update late again. We’ll refresh ourselves.

About next board of YamaX

The designing of  the board which I wrote about in the post above was finished.

Then, I ordered it to Switch Science PCB.

Different from previous one


It uses Intel Edison so It has overwhelming ability of processing, compared with Arduino.

We can use many libraries because there is Linux on Edison.


The power line wire is 6 times thicker than the previous one. But I think anyway it will burn again.

Also I added a diode that prevents reverse flow (this).


I added Mic, speacker, IMU (inertial measurement unit), and temperature sensor.

WM8731 IC is used for audio part.

We’re making something like “AI” with Edison. (development is progressed that it can talk rarely correct Japanese but almost strange Japanese)


This time the board contains analog circuit, so I separated  AVDD and DVDD, AGND and DGND.

Following to that, the pattern seems to be arranged.

And I added 8 test points.






EAGLE file is uploaded to Github.

This board will be loaded by YamaX 3.2 (Next version of YamaX)

In GUGEN, we’ll load this on YamaX 3.0 if we do our best.


Thank you.

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